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Sunday, March 14, 2010


Yes it is finally here . . . a new blog for my photography!

I have wanted to create something with a "nonblogspot" address. Something that would make uploading photos easier. And something I could edit easier. I hope you enjoy.

Update your favorites it is www.heathermosserblog.com

Click here

Enjoy the new site.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Man what a week. I left town for a couple days for work and glad to be back home and finally editing this session. I love return clients and she is such a pleasure to photograph. What a doll! Jayla finally turned 1 and was 13 months during this session. We had a pretty serious model on our hands, but we got a few smiles out of her. These are some of my favorites.

At the end of the session she gave me the biggest hug. I love my job! That made my day. Thank you so much for calling, she is such a sweetheart.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


What a precious little girl. She was 8 weeks at the session and did awesome. We even got her to sleep for about 10 minutes during the shoot to get some sleeping pictures. The photo below is so cute - a half smile. At least with an 8 week old you get a few smiles.

I was so excited to get her to sleep in my new basket. My husband picked this out for me at an antique store and he gets major bonus points - it is so cute.

It was great to meet the whole family. You have a wonderful addition.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


What a precious little girl. She was six month old and sitting, but not always stable. We had a great first 30 minutes with smiles and different props. She was enjoying being in front of the camera and then the roll over that scared her a little. She didn't like my studio too much after that.

I love this picture below. So grown up whispering something to her mom. She is too cute!

Look at those eyes. I love this age - sitting, but can't crawl or walk away. This stage is a really great time to take pictures.

We did get a couple more at the end of the session after a good feeding and loves from mom. Thanks so much for calling. It was great to meet everyone.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's Day! This used to be my least favorite holiday of the year. Actually it probably still is, but with kids every holiday is a little more fun. Isaac and I went to a couple of Valentine's Day parties and he loved it, so it makes it all worth it.

I am posting a long post on my 2.5 year old son. He is amazing and finally for the first time . . . EVER he wanted to take photos. This session was quick and to the point, but I got some wondering pictures of him being him!

Also he is going to make a wonderful big brother. Yes that is right we are expecting our second little addition the end of May. Just a side note - I will only be taking photo sessions until the end of April (more on this later).

He has the best smile, laugh, hugs, cheek kisses, and mood swings - Ha! I think this session started off well because he could play with the new train I bought at Hobby Lobby. This has definitely come in use already with the past 2 photo sessions I've had, so good purchase.

This is what happens when a 2 year old is actually listening and dad is standing behind me. I just thought it was funny. Sometime the most natural poses are the best.

His sensitive side. Just this past week he has started asking to cuddle with mom. I won't complain.

My 2 year old! Wow they grow up fast.

I love the right one "Are we done yet?" A picture can speak a thousand words.

Have a Wonderful Holiday and great week.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Taetum shares my birthday weekend and just turned 2. This is such a hard age, trust me I have a 2 year old. Pictures are not usually at the top of their priority. We started out pretty shy, but by the end of the session we were playing, smiling and capturing some great pictures. I don't know what dad was doing behind my back, but she was laughing and giving us some of the best smiles!

This was at the very end of the session. I think she was probably done, but I love how they turned out. The best poses are the ones the children make themselves.

Thank you so much for calling. It was great meeting you and Taetum. Hope she had a wonderful birthday party!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


What a doll. I met Steele last summer with his family for an outdoor photo session and he has changed so much in just 6 months. It took awhile to warm up to idea of pictures, but once he did we got some great shots of him smiling and playing.

I love this hat. I actually have a hat that is very similar for Isaac, but try and get a 2.5 year old to wear something he doesn't want to. It is still sitting in his hat drawer. Nice to see someone likes the hat.

Steele warmed up to the picture idea with the train. It was a big hit and we had a lot of fun with it. I might have to buy a couple more cute props to get the older kiddos out in front of the camera.

We had a great session and I can't wait for you to see the rest. He really is a sweet heart. Also Brandie, I probably actually owe you because after Steele left Isaac said he wanted his pictures taken. He has never in 2.5 years taken photos for me, especially in the studio. I'll post those pictures next, so thank you!

Friday, February 5, 2010

AZ Workshop

Where did January go? I can't believe it is already February and this month seems to be flying by too. When I saw information on this workshop in Phoenix I couldn't pass it up. My husband was awesome and said I should go, I had frequent flier miles, a best friend to crash with, and 2 great photographers to learn from. It just seemed like it was meant to be. The workshop is Create Better Images put on by 2 amazing photographers in the Arizona area. After going over photography at the studio for 3 hours we got to head outside with 3 amazing models and put our skills to the test.

Cheyenne is a high school senior and an amazing model. Isn't she gorgeous? I never looked like this in high school. She was so sweet and great at doing whatever 20 photographers asked of her.

We also had a couple model for us as a bride and groom. It actually is a sad story, they hired a photographer for their wedding, saw their photos online and then he went bankrupt and they never got proofs, pictures, a wedding album, nothing. Six years later and finally they will have some photos they can cherish for a long time. This couple was also great to work with and up for anything.

One thing I took away from this class - don't be afraid of light. I love Arizona warm light. Aren't these amazing? In Montana during winter we don't see light like this, so it was fun to photograph in.

I don't have too many seniors that I photograph so working with her was a lot of fun.

What a great weekend in Arizona. Now I'm excited for summer, warm sunshine, and fun outdoors. I'm starting to get a little cabin fever with all this snow.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ken & Kassi

What a great way to start off the new year. In Montana it could be below freezing (like the week before), all brown with no snow, or windy. One never really knows what the weather holds in store; this couple couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day in January for a wedding. We had fresh snow, warmer weather, and a beautiful couple. You both look great together and had the perma grin, which makes shooting pictures so easy!

These are only a couple of my favorite photographs from the day.

Isn't Kassi stunning? You were a gorgeous bride. I love the photograph of you on the right. Flawless!

This is fun picture. . . both moms.

Love the details. I fell in love with this cake. I think it is the colors, my favorite!

I love this series of photographs. . . during the toast.

This was a wonderful wedding. To see more pictures from their day, click on the slide show here.

You are very blessed with wonderful families, friends, and each other - I truly enjoyed the whole day with the both of you. Thanks for asking me to be apart of it. I have enjoyed getting to know you both again since high school (and Kassi since 5th grade basketball camp). You are a wonderful couple and will be able to accomplish wonderful things together. Congratulations!

Monday, December 28, 2009


What a year. . . in January last year my husband, father-in-law, and I remodeled our basement into an office/studio and I've been so blessed this year with wonderful infants and children to photograph. This was my last session of 2009 and what a wonderful way to end the year. Little Ryan is beautiful and 3 weeks old. I thought he might be awake a lot of this session, but this little guy slept the entire time. He gave me the best Christmas present of all - thank you!

The beautiful parents. Mom is gorgeous and that is the only picture you will see Ryan's eyes, he opened them for about 10 minutes and then fell asleep again.

The wonderful older brother. Cameron was one of my first 1 year old in the studio last April. We got some wonderful picture of him smiling and on the move. This time he was pretty shy, but I got a couple of him smiling. His parents said they had no expectations with the "stage" he was in, but I think we got a couple really cute ones of Cameron.

Look at those lips! They would really puff out when we pulled the pacifier out, but they are so cute.

Alright, my new favorite picture - bottom left. I have seen these pictures all the time, but really didn't think they were possible. Ryan let his mom and I prop him up like this and he slept right through it. Really this was the best Christmas present ever - isn't it cute??

What a wonderful 2009. I have met some wonderful clients, children, infants, and have had the best time capturing all your moments through 2009. Thank you for calling and letting me into each of your lives even if it is only for one hour. I LOVE this job! Thank you Ryan for sleeping through the whole 2 hour session and being an adorable baby.